In-villa Activities

Spend a quality time together with your partner, friends or family by making magical and unforgettable moment to be noted in memories. Plan and get wonderful experience of local culinary and cultural heritages.

BBQ Dinner at IDR 400,000/pax
ENJOY our prominent BBQ with secret recipe of Gita Ayu Villa within the comfort of your serene sanctuary. Never miss this rare moment to boost intimacy and enrich your culinary adventure on the Island of the Gods.

Cooking Class at IDR 350,000/menu
MORNING or afternoon time is good moment to enhance your island experience in the matter of culinary tradition. Our Balinese cooking class also gives you the opportunity to have firsthand knowledge of Balinese culture.

Spa on Request SPOIL yourself with an array of spa treatments to get refreshed during your holiday. Do not let your body be sluggish as it can disrupt your enjoyment. Choose the selection below to pamper your senses: 

Body Massage: It’s a wonderful way to help relieve stress and sore muscles. Begin with the feet and move upward, and then our natural and gentle essential oil and skilled touch will refresh your body.  
For 1-hour treatment - IDR 150,000
For 1.5-hour treatment - IDR 180,000
For 2-hour treatment - IDR 210,000

Body Scrub: It exfoliates and hydrates your skin to make it fresh, smooth and soft. By using lotion, it will help get rid of dead skin cells. (2 hours) >>> IDR 235,000

Reflexology: Enjoy a natural and ancient healing art applying the pressures to the feet or hands used to stimulate reflex points which correspond to areas throughout the body. (1 hour)  - IDR 100,000

Light Massage: Also known as light touch massage, it is a bodywork technique that incorporates elements of many other therapies. Aromatherapy merged with gentle stretching helps promote your relaxation and increase emotional health. (1.5 hours) >>> IDR 120,000

Signature Massage: This treatment combines local ingredients and traditions offering you a wonderful experience. It helps reduce muscle tension, relieve aches and pains as well as to energize the body. (1.5 hours) - IDR 200,000